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Wallace offers visitors a wide range of activities, indoor and outdoor.

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From a hotel with pool and hot tub to a simple RV site, Wallace offers accommodations to suit everyone’s tastes and budget.

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Where History Meets The Center of the Universe


Spring into Wallace.

Once the sun starts to peek out again Wallace starts to really come alive with shows, events and plenty of smiling faces.


Summer is a blast in Wallace.

Summertime is playtime in Wallace… Events, outdoor dining, concerts, mountain biking, zip lines…


Come for the views.
Stay for the beer.

Fall is a sight to behold in Wallace. Tucked tight in the mountains all the fall colors of nature wrap around you.


Winter wonderland
in Wallace.

With magical holiday celebrations and snowcapped mountains, Wallace is easy to get to and hard to leave.



Wallace is the ideal base camp for you to explore the beauty and wonder of the Silver Valley and surrounding Bitterroot Mountains. Explore our site to find the best that Mother Nature has to offer. For adventure in and around town, see our attractions page for truly one-of-a-kind experiences only available here. Incredible history meets incredible beauty in this town.

Surrounded by towering mountains, thick with pines and huckleberry bushes and crisscrossed with trails waiting to be explored, Wallace’s warm and friendly residents are proud to welcome visitors to our historic silver mining town. You’re invited to tap into a motherlode of historic attractions that will captivate your imagination, thrill your senses, and transport you back to the days of the wild West – which lasted much longer around Wallace than most places! Enjoy truly unique museums and historical sites that tell the stories of the railroaders, miners, working class heroes, and even “working girls” that carved this gem of a town from Idaho’s beautiful Bitterroot Mountains.

Fun Fact – Wallace, Idaho is one of only four cities in the United States that is entirely listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


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